On the Road

One Month on the Road

     Living on the road full time for one month feels like a huge accomplishment. We celebrated this little anniversary at Lake Meredith, a really cool National Recreation Area near Amarillo, TX. We had a beautiful spot at Fritch Fortress campground. The drive TO this spot  was, hands down, my least favorite of the… Continue reading One Month on the Road

Pre-RV Life, Renovation

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Ringing in the New Year means we are 8 weeks from Full Time RV Life. We used our 4 day weekend to make a ton of progress on the RV. With A TON of help from Kelsey’s Dad (he’s amazing) we got the whole RV insulated and installed all the ceiling and… Continue reading Happy New Year!

Pre-RV Life, Renovation

10 Weeks

It doesn’t feel real yet. We’re ten weeks away, and even though we’ve been waiting forever it still doesn’t feel like that day will ever come. Right now we’re feeling a lot of different things. It’s the mix of excitement and nervousness. We also feel the slight sense that adventure is just around the corner.… Continue reading 10 Weeks

Pre-RV Life, Renovation

98 Days

We’re officially in the double digit countdown until we have our final day of working a boring 9-5. We can’t believe how quickly we’ve reached this point. On March 1st, 2018 we decided that was the day that we would make the leap. A year from then, we wanted to start our adventure together as… Continue reading 98 Days