On the Road

One Month on the Road

     Living on the road full time for one month feels like a huge accomplishment. We celebrated this little anniversary at Lake Meredith, a really cool National Recreation Area near Amarillo, TX. We had a beautiful spot at Fritch Fortress campground. The drive TO this spot  was, hands down, my least favorite of the trip so far. Leading up to this drive, little by little, I was starting to feel confident about driving our RV. In general, it’s not a massive rig. We regularly see Class A’s that are well over 30 feet long, we’ve also seen a surprising amount of big pickups towing massive fifth wheel RV’s, which are then towing huge motorboats (these are essentially miniature trains, just driving down the road). So our 24 foot rig (20’ RV + 4’ luggage/bike rack) isn’t even close to being the biggest thing out there. But for me personally, it feels like a pretty big thing to be driving down the road and through the occasional city. Driving from Farmer’s Branch to Lake Meredith wasn’t a huge drive for us mileage wise, but we were driving directly into the wind, the entire time. Just when I was starting to feel good about driving this massive thing, I find myself white-knuckling it into the wind and watching our partially-functional gas gauge like hawk, because our gas mileage (which is already pretty low) was way lower than usual. We were warned that parts of Texas were windy and it definitely lived up to its reputation. Fighting the wind like that, for hours, really sucked. But it was worth it in the end.


     We were at Lake Meredith for almost a week. It was amazing. This was the exact kind of experience I had been hoping for when we were building out our RV for boondocking. For those of you that don’t know, boondocking is a term for camping without hookups. It can also be called dry camping. We got to relax, take walks, go on bike rides and spend some time down at the dock with our dog Leia. We had some pretty crazy weather while we were. There was one night in particular that was scary. Storms and EXTREMELY high winds had us rocking pretty good. Heavy rain is always fun in an RV, the sound of the rain on the roof is surprisingly relaxing, and it’s an amazing opportunity to find the leaky spots of the rig. (Pro Amateur tip: always keep RV sealant around.) We always keep of few tubes of silicone in the tool box, and we seem to buy a few more every other time we stock up our groceries and supplies.


     There was a steady rotation of other campers around us. It was cool to see all the different airstreams, truck campers, tent campers and campervans during our stay. We had some really nice neighbors for our first few days. Their names were Heidi and Mike, they were slowly making their way to Colorado just like us. They are work campers and were heading to their next gig. Talking to them and hearing their stories of full timing on the road was really inspiring and gave us a nice little boost.


     We were a little bummed when we eventually left Lake Meredith, it was easily my favorite spot of the trip so far. But we were heading from Lake Meredith to Colorado, which had been a destination we were looking forward to since we first started planning this new life of ours. Both Kelsey and I grew up in Kansas, and we love seeing mountains. So Colorado is a place we’re looking forward to spending a lot of time in. That’s what’s amazing about traveling full-time, we can just decide we want to live in a new state for a few weeks or even a month, and then just go do it. Colorado – here we come.


4 thoughts on “One Month on the Road”

  1. Like your journal keep it going for now and when your rocking chair age, u can read it and say did we really do that. Love u guys Gpa

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  2. Love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures! What great memories you two are making with this journey. Love and miss you guys. Aunt T

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