Pre-RV Life, Renovation

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Ringing in the New Year means we are 8 weeks from Full Time RV Life. We used our 4 day weekend to make a ton of progress on the RV. With A TON of help from Kelsey’s Dad (he’s amazing) we got the whole RV insulated and installed all the ceiling and wall panels. This was a huge step forward. If you asked me at the beginning of the weekend how much I thought we would get accomplished, I would have never guessed we would be able to check insulation, walls and ceiling off our to-do list. I figured we would get it insulated and just start the walls or ceiling, not finish them completely. I was happy to be wrong about that one. We used a white beadboard panel for the ceiling, which we’d been planning on doing since we purchased the RV. It wasn’t easy, but it mostly went according the plan. The walls was where we had to call a few audibles. We planned on getting some pre-painted paneling for the walls to make things nice and easy, but upon searching Home Depot, Lowes and Menard’s, we couldn’t find quite what we were looking for. They were either too expensive, too thick, or not the finish we wanted. We finally settled on an ⅛” Masonite Hardboard. It’s dark brown so it’s going to be difficult to prime and paint, but it’s lightweight and didn’t break that bank. And it worked. So that’s what we went with! Getting the walls measured, cut, and installed was pretty challenging. It’s an RV so everything fits together in it’s own special way. The RV is over 40 years old, and even though we tore everything out and completely rebuilt everything, it’s almost impossible to get everything completely straight and square. And even if we did, it would take one bump on the road to get the whole thing to settle back into its own unique shape. So we did our best. Some panels took a couple tries or required a few adjustments, but we got it done in the end and that’s what matters.

It was pretty f**kin cold all weekend while we were working. Walking in and out of the RV to cut boards in the shop and then bring them back into the RV was tough. The shop was warm enough and the RV got warmer and warmer with every strip of insulation we added. But the space between the shop and the RV, you know… outside, was frigid. I think we were dealing with 16 degree weather at one point if I remember correctly.  On the 3rd day of our 4 day work rally, it rained. This paused work for about an hour, we had to go buy some tarps and get the RV completely sealed from the elements. This was only slightly annoying, because one of the tasks we accomplished recently was reinstalling and resealing the leaky windows. Currently, we have four out of seven windows reinstalled and when the remaining 3 are completed, we won’t have to wrestle around with tarps every time there’s a little rain (or snow(or both (yay Kansas))) in the forecast.

We’ve worked on the RV every day for almost two weeks. There’s been a huge amount of progress, more progress than the past several months had shown. Unlike many of the jobs we’ve completed up until now, you can actually notice the progress visually. We’ve shifted from working on utilitarian projects to working on more cosmetic projects, and let’s be honest, those are way more fun. Take a look!

Seeing the different “rooms” start to take shape feels amazing, it’s getting easier to visualize the final product and picture ourselves actually living in this thing. We’re so happy to finally see all of the pieces falling into place. The final picture is becoming more and more clear every day.

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