Pre-RV Life, Renovation

10 Weeks

It doesn’t feel real yet. We’re ten weeks away, and even though we’ve been waiting forever it still doesn’t feel like that day will ever come. Right now we’re feeling a lot of different things. It’s the mix of excitement and nervousness. We also feel the slight sense that adventure is just around the corner.

There’s still of lot of work to be done. In all honesty, we’re not as far along with the RV renovation as we should be. When we first started this whole journey, we foolishly thought we would be totally done with the RV by now. We’ve completed a few small projects recently but nothing major. Nothing that is noticeable when you look around in the RV. It can feel totally disheartening but we have to remember that we’ve been super busy and haven’t really had time to work on the RV. We’ve both been working multiple jobs so that we can save up as much as we possibly can before we hit the road. We have a few jam-packed work days planned for the upcoming weekends, so we know that we’ll be making progress soon.


We keep getting asked how the RV is coming. Which is a bummer sometimes because we don’t have much to say when asked. The projects that we have accomplished recently have been rather small and tedious, and they don’t mean a whole lot to people who aren’t super into RVs. Soon we’ll have the walls, shelves, and cabinets rebuilt. After that happens, we plan on being a little more chatty when people ask us about our trip. And we’ll have WAY more pictures to post here on the blog. We promise. 🙂

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