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98 Days

We’re officially in the double digit countdown until we have our final day of working a boring 9-5. We can’t believe how quickly we’ve reached this point. On March 1st, 2018 we decided that was the day that we would make the leap. A year from then, we wanted to start our adventure together as a family. Since then we’ve been renovating our RV, buying lots of stuff for the trip, working too much, not buying useless crap we don’t need, and saving up as much money as we can.

Our Home on the Roam RV Blog Kansas City-16

In 98 days, we’ll become full time RVers. We’re not really sure what that means, but we’re really excited. Between reading blogs and watching Youtube videos, we’ve spent hours upon hours scouring the internet for all there is to learn. From composting toilets to boondocking, and everything in between. Of course we know that we can’t prepare for everything, and things will go wrong when we’re on the road. But we think that’s part of the fun; learning, changing, and growing during a once in a lifetime trip. We’ve both always wanted to travel, even before we met each other. When we came up with this crazy idea it just seemed to work. It’s like everything we had been waiting for had led up to this trip.

We’re not sure where we’ll head first, that’s all part of the fun. We have a big list of places we might go, but they’re not in any particular order. When we finally do leave, we’re 98% sure that we’ll head west. After that, who knows?

2 thoughts on “98 Days”

  1. It is truly the adventure of a lifetime you have in-store for yourselves.
    When I was a guide in Alaska I would drive and camp for months on end traveling to outdoor shows all around the US.

    Just two thoughts take the time to stop and enjoy where you are
    and have patience because people, places and things
    will at times be irritating.


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