Hi there – we’re so stoked you are here!

We’re KC and Nathaniel Kenny.

Together (with our pets) we make up Our Home on the Roam.

We are from the great state of Kansas and no, we didn’t drive tractors to school every day. We like adventures, movies, and paddleboarding. We like to think we’re pretty funny and luckily we can laugh at ourselves when no one else does.

Our life together started in 2014, when we started dating. On April 22, 2017 we got married and stated in our vows, “I will laugh with you and always go on adventures with you.” Here we are, carrying out those vows.

We bought our new home in 2018 and at that moment decided we wanted to be on the road a year from then. And we did it. We lived life in a tiny 24 foot 1977 Ford El Dorado motorhome for about three months. We camped in five states and then made our way back to Kansas City. After that we decided the RV was just a little too big and WE BOUGHT A VAN. We quickly converted it to a home so we can get back on the road full time ASAP.

Meet the Crew


Kelsey Corene (Admire) Kenny

a.k.a. KC a.k.a K-Breezy

KC likes dry humor, dogs, and dying her hair every color of the rainbow. She loves taking pictures and actually owns her own photography business. She could eat chips and queso every day but, rumor is, that isn’t very healthy. She is very much a people person and thrives from spending time with friends. One day she wants to be a elopement photographer to capture couples that are adventurous and crazy in love. You can check out her work here!

Nathaniel Lawrence Kennyourhomeontheroam-2

a.k.a. Nathaniel Lawrence Kenny

Nathaniel likes making Kelsey laugh, playing frisbee with Leia, and playing music. You name an instrument, he’s probably tried it at least once. He loves capturing our videos and owns his own videography business. He’s kind of a Marvel buff and knows just about everything superheroes you can imagine.

ourhomeontheroam-4Captain Leia

Let’s be honest. She runs the whole show and she’s probably the whole reason why you’re here. She’s two years old and still has the energy of a puppy. Leia is a Australian Shephard/ Rat Terrier mix so it means she’s really smart and jumps really high, and occasionally pees just a little bit if she meets someone new. She loves playing fetch and wrastlin’ with her brother.




He’s a pretty dang cute cat and he acts like a dog a lot of the time. He chases his own tail, comes when called, and rarely acts passive aggressive. Yeah, we know, it’s weird. He was our first pet together, so he’s pretty special to us. He loves cuddles and chasing after Leia when she’s being a butthead. He’s adorable and it’s hard not to love him.


We hope you can learn from us, hang out with us, and occasionally laugh at us. We’ll take you with us every step of the way.